Your podcast has a unique story, a brand and even a logo. But, when it comes to improving content identity, most podcasters forget what makes a podcast great: professional audio edition, sound design and tailored music... Combining creativity and precise audio edition skills,
Museed helps podcasters to boost their own audio identity.

Stop wasting your time editing, focus on the content and leave the audio edition task to an expert.

Improve the relationship with your audience; avoiding poor sound quality and disturbing noises.

Stand out from the crowd and bring deeper emotion to your content with fresh audio pieces.
Podcast audio solutions
Unlimited revisions
Fast turnarounds
On-schedule deliveries
Starter pack
Audio Processing
Mastering, loudness normalization, compression, equalization, plosives/sibilance reduction, etc.

From US$10
Per episode!
Advanced Pack
Audio Edition
Cleanup, edition, sound FX, music placements/duckings, etc.
✓ Includes processing

From US$35
Per episode!
Professional Pack
Audio Identity
Original music, bumpers, mid-roll backgrounds, sound design, etc.
✓ Includes processing and edition

From US$65
Per episode!

Custom quotations? Show notes, transcriptions, other audio publishing services? Get in touch!
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Museed is run by Ricardo Mikulan, a passionate music producer, sound editor & professor settled in Innsbruck, Austria. Since 2010, He has built expertise on sound for media, podcasts and performing arts; with customers from Australia, England, Germany, Cyprus, Spain and USA; among others.
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